Monday, 28 February 2011

Ridiculously cool app of the week!

On the tube this morning, a fellow iphone warrior sat down beside me. She was flicking through her apps and I noticed she had one called RunPee. I was intrigued and was dying to get off the tube to see was this on the app store.

I was trying to work out what the hell it could be. Was it some sort of app about pee? WTF! Apple surely wouldn't have allowed some sort of peeing porno app. Maybe it was an unofficial app installed on a jailbroken app.

Finally landed at Liverpool Street to find out it was an app that told you when it was a good time to go for a pee during a film and how quick you would have to be so you wouldn't miss an important scene. I was laughing really hard to myself as I walked through Liverpool Street Station which was attracting some dirty looks off the pissed off Monday Morning crew.

"The iPhone's Runpee app does what?" This was actually a question on who wants to be a millionaire and of course the dude got it wrong! The app is free to download from the app store.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Superbowl Britney Ad

In 2002 I was lucky enough to be in touring America with the DCU Uni Squash team. We were the Boston area and had played a University there whose name doesnt come to mind just now (not Harvard). The coach from the University invited us to his local bar to watch the Superbowl. Well New England won the game as I remember with a long distance field goal with time running out. Well that pub fuckin exploded. Next thing I remember is being hugged by some old man bawling his eyes out screaming "isnt it great when big black men cry". I didnt really get where he was going with this one but there was indeed two large black football players on the pitch in tears hugging.

Anyway to hell with the game, what I remember is the halftime ads and more specifically the Pepsi halftime ad featuring Britney!

Sky Atlantic

"Everything you see here, its mine. If you steal from my men, you steal from me."

A line by Enoch Thompson (played by Steve Buscemi) from the brillant new show Boardwalk Empire. The first show to air on Sky Atlantic, billed as the biggest show ever! Which had a merit of truth in being the most expensive pilot in history and directed by none other than Marty Scorsese(directed only the pilot). Is it time I moved flat just so I can get Sky? Not yet unfortunately!

The channel opened big, very big indeed. Sky Atlantic is basically HBO UK, so you can expect to see Mad Men from next season, Entourage and True Blood. These shows have of course been available on terrestial tv before but strangely were never highly advertised or given primetime slots. Sopranos for example was usually on Channel 4 at 23:30, Mad Men was on BBC 3 which I wasnt aware of until I stumbled upon it on iplayer. The Wire was broadcast on FX with an audience of around 30,000.

Will I be signing up? The problem for me has always been in the past, the show broadcasts in the US months before it reaches the UK. Boardwalk Empire Season 1 has finished stateside and yes I have seen it in its entirety now, the same goes for Entourage. Sky have promised they will be showing the shows much closer to the US premiere going forward. Unless its the next day I dont see them solving the problem of it being viewed online before its premiered on Sky Atlantic. The hardcore fans of these shows are young men 20-35 and we will not wait!