Monday, 19 April 2010

Stuff you can get in Ireland but not in England and vice versa!

Irish List

Tayto Crisps
Barrys Tea
Brennans bread
White pudding
A good pint of Guinness
100's of taxis waiting for you outside a nightclub at 3am
Red lemonade
Politicians drunk in your local
Marlboro Gold

English list

Good food and drink at a reasonable price
A good transport system
People claiming to be Irish with an east end accent
Off licenses open past 10pm
Clubs and pubs open well past 3am
Fuckin council tax
Irish bars everywhere called O'Neills that serve traditional Irish Guinness Pie?
Cigerattes in packs of 10
Marlboro Lights
50 mb broadband
Free museums

Friday, 5 March 2010

30 things to do by 30

30 Things to do by 30

1. To have attained or be in the process of getting a masters.
2. To have purchased my own house/flat
3. T0 have my own home cinema kit, projector and surround sound
4. Buy a nice car!
5. To play in a major poker tournament.
6. To build a mame arcade machine.
7. To quit smoking
8. Be debt free apart from mortage.
9. Find a lady friend for lots of activities.
10.To be able to say something smart about wine, hmm i can definately get a kfc scent off this red wine
11.Make a Bull McCabe soundboard for prank calls.
12.Pass driving test
13.Take another photography course
14.Learn how to really cook
15.Drive a ferrari around silverstone
16.Break into croke park at night and kick a point over the bar into the hill 16 end.
17.Buy a pair of cowboy boots
18.See a sunset at glastonbury festival with friends
19.Take a work break for at least a month and do some travelling.
20.Shoot a traffic warden with an air rifle
21.Buy everyone in a pub a drink
22.Go to vegas and stick a weeks wages on black
23.Go surfing
24.Go snowboarding
25.Go to german beerfest
26.Finally go to see a musical in the west end or broadway
27.Sing on the tube when drunk and get everyone to join in
28.Do a road trip through Europe or the US
29.Attend Mardi Gras
30.Try not to embarrass myself too much before my 30th

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sonny told me all about you

Bored in bed one Sunday or maybe Saturday afternoon I decided to have a bit of fun with my ol buddy Rachel and a Joe Pesci sound board. I think Rachel did a bit of a poo in her pants when I had Joe Pesci shouting down the phone.

"I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to fuckin' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?"

You should all definately do this. Here's a few tips

1.Find a soundboard that has lots of questions on it
2.Have a plan of which soundbytes your going to play and in which order.
3.Best places to call are hotels and car rental agencys, those poor souls basically have to answer your call and your fake questions.

NOW Remember kids have fun!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Doesn't SCRUB up well

This one caught me off guard a little bit. Especially when I clearly remember the last episode of Scrubs was only a few months back and that fantastic scene where they show JD dreaming of what his future will be.(note to self their must
be a word that describes this in filmmaking. hmm bing or google?)

Well the big boys over at ABC have done what they do best and decided to beat the shit out of another tv series for another series, at least! Well here's how this has played out. Zach Braff and a few other regular cast members agreed to come back for a ninth series to help the show during a transition period, they will apparently be phased out over the series with more spotlight on the new characters. Zach the lucky boy getting an execeutive producer role for his troubles, kaaa---ching!

The new series aired in December, im not sure how I missed this. Im blaming surfthechannel for this though! They used to have a sidebar on their page which would display which shows had been viewed from their site this week, so basically
it showed you what new episodes were out as they would be the most popular hits. Well those fucks at surfthechannel took this away due to the fact that apparently it was overloading their server. Anyway its back now and thats how I actually noticed Scrubs was back.

And they've sort of changed the name to Scrubs:Med School. I watched series 9 episode 1 last night or what I am going to refer to as the Med School Pilot. As I dont think it would have been picked up if this was an original series. It was all very thrown together last minute. They gave a very brief explanation of how they are at a new hospital now which has replaced the old sacred heart hospital and its now
also a medical school. JD is back as a lecturer along with Doctor Cox and Turk.

That pilot really didnt work for me. JD who is the show, is only appearing in half the episodes and the remainder will be narrated by a new female character who was pretty damn boring in the pilot.

On megatron, my robbed stuff from the internet 2 tb external hard drive, Scrubs will be labelled seasons 1-8 and the new series will be going in the spinoff shite folder.

wasters, wankers, weemen lend me your eyes;

Mood: Fantastic
Album: Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
Quote: "To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail." - Abraham Maslow
TV Show: Arrested Development

Time to get this blog thing going again.

Im doing some typing on this notepad thingy on my iphone. It takes me close to two hours to get to work these days so might as well keep myself busy and my fingers motoring to stop them from falling over in this weather. I am really going to need to get a car asap, oh and one of those things you need for a car. A license.

I had a choice of either moving close to work which is located in a bit of a shithole or staying where I am and commuting. Ive only been doing the commute for a few weeks now and its beginning to get the better of me.

My lack of blogging: I had high hopes last year and started off very well. 70 posts in the first quarter, then 15 in march and fourteen for the rest of the year. DISGRACEFUL!

Anyway of course Im going to do alot better this year I promise.