Thursday, 12 May 2011


This is definately the most fun app I have downloaded in a long time and its FREE! This was originally just out for the ipad and I would imagine it plays a bit better on that. Well thats what I am putting my bad performance of the Theme Song from Mario Brothers down to (you can hear this below follow the link). You don't have alot of space on the iphone to get your fingers in positions for hitting the different areas of the keyboard or else i just suck at it which is quite possiblle. My wrists are sore from playing it for the last 40 minutes.

This is a free app with the company making revenue by users buying smoola points to buy new songs. They give you 30 smoola points to start with which is pretty pointless as you cant buy anything with it unless you want to get some bach or beethoven, the likes of lady gagas pokerface start at 75 smoolas. Super Mario Bros was the free song of the day and im presuming there will be some more over the coming weeks. It downloads straight to your phone from the app. More songs will be added weekly according to the official smule website. Im off to buy some Smoola dollars, laters!


Wednesday, 11 May 2011


For anyone who is into comic books and owns an iphone/ipad this is great little application. It lets you read comics that are formatted in pdf, rar, cbr, cbz format. Its a bit strange that it doesnt link you up to the app store or some sort of specialised comic book store to buy comics directly but I guess the app was brought out for people who got fedup paying a tenner for a comic you read in an hour (expensive hobby). Still makes you wonder about Apples whole stance on this, its a legitimate application from their store which directly gives iphone users the ability to read files theyve stolen online. I have been reading the Scott Pilgrim series after stealing it on piratebay :)