Monday, 16 June 2008

Sean Treacy and the crocodile.

Got a text message today off the mother. She wanted to let me know that a friend of mine was in hospital in Mexico after a crocodile had attacked him and Billy saved him. I was seriously thinking she was off her meds. So I just texted back "what?" She texted me back the same message with a bit more detail, so then I called her and basically he had been swimming when this croc appeared out of nowhere and took a bite. His brother raced in and somehow got him free and pulled him ashore. That was the story from mother hubbard. Was pretty worried about that chap, have known him 20 years, so was a tad freaked out in work. Waited for more news. Did a google on his name as soon as I found out. Started with the basica sean+treacy+crocodile. Didnt bring back any relevant results. Come four o'clock, that newspaper they give out for free at tube stations in London the Metro had picked up on it, followed by the Sun and the Irish papers. The Sun has declared he tried to swim the lagoon for a bet but have nothing to back this up with. The most accurate story I have found found is this one.

Imagine that at your wedding. Im pretty sure he can sell some stories out of this, maybe heat magazine or notw. For now, im glad he's safe and sound. Hopefully he can moved from whatever hell hole hospital he is in. I have a feeling the hospitals in Mexico are nearly as bad as Beaumount.


Abby said...

Man that is terrifying! Worst nightmare other than being attacked by a shark... although I can't imagine a crocodile would be any less painful. I hope your friend is ok- thank god his brother was there.

Anthony said...

Woah, that's FUBAR. Lucky to be alive. Fair play to his brother.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am trying to get into contact with Sean Treacy. Could you email me on to let me know the best way to do so.
Look forward to hearing from you