Monday, 3 November 2008 is my bastard site of the week!

I was browsing around Amazon, picking up some books for a penny and then paying £2.80 for it to posted when I decided to go have nosey on (another busy day in work) . I noticed they have a new section labelled tickets. It appears anyone and everyone can put their tickets up for sale on I didn't read into the details and whether you have to pay them a fee for using their site but the fact they are actually doing this has really pissed me off.

I have always refused to buy off touts on principle but its getting all too easy for them now. They dont even have to go out in the pissing rain on the day of the event to try and flog the damn things. I noticed two tickets for the Kings of Leon at Bournemouth and the owner wanted 500 for the pair.

Ticketmaster are not doing enough to combat this nonsense. Last year at Glastonbury you had to upload a photo that was then printed onto your ticket. I dont see why TicketMaster cant have a user database that holds users photos and then prints them onto tickets. If this meant I had to pay an additional two or three quid for the ticket (due to rise in price of printing your pic on the ticket) I would rather pay it than see sites like make money touting tickets.


Quickroute said...

you had to send your passport details for the World Cup Germany which got printed on the tkts but nobody ever checked at the gates

paddyinengland said...

If you hadn't got a ticket though would you have forked over a couple of hundred kid for a ticket with someone else's face on it hoping you wouldn't get caught?