Friday, 19 June 2009

The Artist Formerly Known as PaddyinEngland?

Ive been a tad shite on the blogging front this month, this being numero uno for June. Not likely to get much better until July when I will have more time on my hands than an investment banker from Lehman Brothers.

So Ive been doing what I do best as per usual drinking and being largely unsuccessful with any female who might be a good long term bet.

The next week is shaping up very nicely indeed though. Tonight I am travelling to London and im sure I will have a few sherrys with my good friend Wilson who I am moving in with soon. Tomorrow I am going to silverstone to see the GP qualifiers in the VIP section free food and beer and other random crap all day.

Next week is what I have been waiting for since being in the stone circle last year shouting at some gypsy not to put a spell on me, its GLASTONBURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travel down to Devon Tuesday night and hitting the campsite early wednesday until Monday morning. Then ive nine days left in work after that and im quite looking forward to some time to myself.

Oh i almost forgot until I seen the title of my post. I had two interviews for a position in Zurich and was pretty sure I was on my travels again until they told me i wasnt what they were looking for(FUCKERS). Im PaddyinEngland for now.


Toners said...

Enjoy Glasto mate, sounds like it'll be epic.

abby. said...