Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Coming up on the clock channel, 7'oclock!

"So whats the weather like Ollie?"

"It gona RAIN!"

So still looking for a new role with my consultancy/whatevertheycallthemselves. My contract with them ends in January and ive pretty much one foot out the door unless they come up with something amazing for me before Xmas that I cant say no to. Its gonna be a poor xmas, all the lads will be away travelling so it should be a bit cheaper on the drink front but then again probably not.

My housemate came back with a good weekend story for me. He went down to see his folks who live down in 'allo my lover' country. Bandit country I suppose we would call it in Ireland. Anyway boys meets girl blah blah blah. Stays over at his folks place, Wills trying to sneak her out the door the next morning and drop her home but of course bumps into his mum who makes her some breakfast and then tells her she has to stay for Sunday Roast.

So hes stuck in the middle of nowwhere with this girl, about a half hours drive to civilisation and lets just say he forgot to wrap his meat the night before and she needs to get to the nearest boots very quickly. SO they finally find one thats open go in and he's abit clueless about the whole situation, apparently its not like just going up to the counter and getting some paracetmol. Appointment to the doctor or nurse or some 16 year old with a name badge he didnt seem to sure he stayed in the waiting room. And strangely enough he told me the anti-baby waiting room was located in the baby section in boots and he was having a major head fuck!

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abby said...

'bandit country'??? hahahaha what does that MEAN??