Monday, 24 March 2008

School wasnt free and either was college

FREE EDUCATION MY ASS! We got promised free third level education when I was starting University and wasnt my daddy happy. He was so happy he went out with my college fee fund and bought a brand new BM fucking W. He was pretty pissed off when I came home the first day from college with a bill for 800 pound, that the college were claiming was going to be the cost of the handouts the lectures were going to be giving out. Being kind to the college they maybe gave me 50 sheets of paper throughout the year. Most internet cafes charge about ten pence/cent for a sheet of paper to be printed. So 50 * 10 = 500 = 5 fucking quid. Where the hell did the other seven hundred and ninty five pound go? Well if you ask the college it was to make up for the deficit. The government had a figure the college got per student and the college had a figure they calculated it cost to have a student on campus.

That was just my most recent encounter with the dark education forces trying to get your money though. It all started off with voluntary contributions. The school gave you a letter to bring home to your parents where they basically asked for fuckin money. They would leave it a few days then the principal would arrive in your classroom "Hands up who hasnt brought in the voluntary contribution." Nothing has changed since we got the British Empire to fuck off. You can still see the British Postal sign on some postal boxes they just painted them fucking green.

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Anthony said...

I'd forgotten about "voluntary contributions". Ah, the good aul days.