Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Thoughts on work

Initial thoughts on the new job: I am feeling a bit like Chandler Bing at the moment. I work in a job where I am basically winging it. The only good thing I have noticed is I am not on my own. By the looks of things, about 80% of the staff dont know what the hell they are doing. There seems to be one key member (usually not the manager) who everyone goes to with there problems. Well im slowly getting a bit better I think. Just wondering how long people are actually comfortable with winging it. When I first started I was told, it will take 6 months to learn the system if you want to. Well I know now, that only 20% of the staff have a clue which is a bit scary. Well thats all the bad stuff out of the way.

The staff can basically be spilt into three catergories.
1.Management who spend there days either in meetings, planning meetings or going to java republic on coffee breaks.
2.Overpaid consultants. (Seriously overpaid assholes. They get offered a permanent position every week in the company and they laugh in there faces because why would they halve there wages for an extra 4 days holidays a year.)
3.Assholes stolen from the business department because they fancied a change and thought anyone could pick up IT from a few day seminars and they are constantly lost. They end up writing excel documents for actual work people in catergory 2. Well im not too sure where I am. I am a consultant but not an overpaid one yet, so im probably somewhere between 2 and 3.

Most of the staff are pretty cool. Well cool for people who dont get out much and have more of a life playing World of Warcraft. I am still to afraid to play it, in case I get pulled into its crazy virtual world( see wow funeral and leroy jenkins on youtube). More on work soon.

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