Friday, 24 October 2008


Not trying to sound like a very old man, but the chav situation in the UK is ridiculous. Unfortunately for me I live on a road full of them. There is also a youth club at the end of the street. What this club does for these 13-16 years old is beyond me. All I ever see them doing is abusing people walking by, including myself. Had the misfortune of bumping into them one night recently. I was on the way back from Tescos, ipod on and enjoying a smoke, when I was confronted.

"Hey you, got a smoke?"

I nodded a no, I rarely give people smokes and definately never to a few punk kids. Carried on walking, next thing a can of cheap beer explodes on the ground beside me. The little shits had hurled one at me.

"Well come on then, youuuuuu c*nt." They roared.

So I did what my classroom days had thought me, I picked it up and threw it back. haha did i fcuk. I just kept walking and kept all my anger inside me. I felt a bit like cleanshirt getting heckled by the local kids. Anyway, last night we were on our way to quiz night and that damn youth club is open on a thursday night. My housemates seen these group of kids standing at the top of our road throwing crap at the buses going by and they wanted to walk the long way to the pub. I dont know what I was thinking, its sometimes probably better to avoid these situations but I like doing things the wrong way. My housemates walked the long way, I stubbornly refused and decided to walk through no mans land. Same thing happened again, they threw a bloody can of something at me. Kids must have alot of money these days if they can afford to throw beer at the innocent young professionals like myself. I was in war mode this time and ran at the little shits and they all ran inside the youth club where I was greeted by some youth outreach leader. He didnt believe the story I unravelled to him and basically told me to fCuk off. These were good kids according to him. I explained to him when I catch one of his good kids I was going to kick there arse and this is when he informed me he was calling the police, which led to me running off to the pub like a damn criminal. Im starting my own vigilante group to beat up chav kids, anyone want in?


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Anthony said...

An old Dell laptop to the knees would teach em a thing or two.

Quickroute said...

I was standing at the bus stop with my nissus in London 2 years ago and got slapped hard on the side of the head by a chav as he went speeding by on his bike with his mates who thought it was hilarious.

People joke about American white trash - these scum are lower than low lifes and should be removed from the gene pool

I'm in!

Anonymous said...

They are definitely white trash but dangerous white trash so please be careful!!

paddyinengland said...

Cool we have Toners with his magic old 30 kilo laptop thats good for taking out kneecaps and a guy dressed up as SHREK, all we need know is Iron Mike and were gonna be so badass!