Monday, 15 December 2008


I have got really into the DOD since Roey and his bird wouldnt shut up singing the FAQ song, here's the lyrics, check him out on youtube too.

FAQ for the DOD
FAQ for the DOD
FAQ for the DOD
Frequently asked questions for David O Doherty
FAQ for the DOD

Where Are You From?
I’m from Dublin City
What Are Your Hobbies?
Cycling and Frisbee
What have you got in store for us tonight?
I’m gonna rock your world in quite a gentle way. Like a delicious cake as opposed to a bag of drugs

Do You have a sidekick?
No, I’m the only one in it
Do you stand up at all?
Yes, in a minute.
How would you describe your style of comedy?
I call it very low energy musical whimsy… or Vlemwhi

Apart From Vlemwhi, Do you have any other skills?
I Can, Touch type 40 words a minute, I’ve got a full driving licence with 2 points on it, I’ve a decent knowledge of geography, and a basic award in water safety…
So my gigs very rarely end in drowning…

Where do write your material?
In bed at home
Whats the capital of Botswana?
Gaborone… Geography
What do you think is the secret of a great comedian?
You have to like standing on trains and have quite low self esteem!
Oh, you’re laughing, you must be my friend. Please!

Do you believe in God?
No, None.
Who’s Your favourite beatle?
George Harrison!
How do you know if you’re with the right one, or if you’re not just with this person until the right one comes along?
*pauses* That’s quite a complicated question… and one I have to admit I’m not asked all that frequently. But I’m pretty sure it has something to do with… Not Wanting To get off with other people

FAQ for the DOD

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