Monday, 29 December 2008

Xmas review

I got dragged away from my friends and family today and got thrown back into this thing called the career. Did I really go to college for 5 years to get 5 days off at Xmas? Still better than what the yanks get.

Xmas was amazing this year, it must have been the first time I could actually afford to buy nice things for my family. I think exchanging a present with my eldest sister was the best as she got me the zig and zag dvd and I got her a 16 gig Ipod Nano. She was a tad embarrased, after we had both agreed to twenty quid limits on presents. But still Xmas day had a shit load of gargle and watched Zig and Zag and laughed my ass off.

Stephens day I went down to see the parents country house which I hadnt stepped foot in 7 months after they bought it and found it a very nice pile of bricks. It was hard as usual leaving Dublin this morning and I do sometimes wonder what the hell I am doing over in Bournemouth but im here another 4 months at least after getting my contract renewed, then il see what the craic is Pat!


Quickroute said...

I'll buy ya 2 Zig n' Zag DVD's and throw in dustin's greatest hits if ya buy me a Ipod Nano?

paddyinengland said...

well im no Del boy but that doesnt sound a good deal pal!