Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Back with a Bang a very Big Bang Theory actually!

So its been two months since I have blogged, basically the same amount of time I have been living in LandanNNN! It rocks BTW!

Im still on the hunt for a new contract which is getting increasingly frustrating but I think I should get something in the next few weeks hopefully.

Despite the lack of work, I have been really enjoying London. My mate has very kindly put me up for the last two months and its been awesome. Still havent really done much or seen much in London apart from the Irish bar across the street. Yes their is an Irish bar across the street from my flat, I could hit it with a coin from my bedroom window.

Its actually quite nice living in an area in England that is full of irish people, its like little Ireland. And its surprising that although some of the folk you meet in the bar havent been home in over 10 years that they still havent lost their accent.

Their was a trad band on a few weeks back and they played the national anthem and my mate didnt know what it was and continued playing pool with a friend of ours. It didnt go down too well, but I thought it was hilarious and my friend couldnt stop apologising to me. Of course somehow had to have a go at him about it. MUPPETS!

Few things I dont like about London

1. When the tube is horribly full and you get someones pit in your face.
2. The amount of degenerates who ask you for money around my area.
3. The way no one talks on the tube.
4. The plastic paddy brigade
5. New PaddysInEngland telling me different accounts of how bad things are back home.

The Big Bang Theory season 3 episode 1 aired in the states last night, cant wait to get home and get on piratebay AHOY!


Abs said...

Yeah and peep show aired in the UK. I'll swap you!!! What the hell is 'piratebay' ?

Glad you are enjoying yourself in London. Although you won't tell me about it because you've become too good for me or something. Jerk face.

On a side note there was an Irish bar in San Diego where everyone spoke Gaeilge and I'm pretty sure I got made fun of without knowing it. GOOD TIMES!

Toners said...

Good to see ya back mate.