Friday, 5 March 2010

30 things to do by 30

30 Things to do by 30

1. To have attained or be in the process of getting a masters.
2. To have purchased my own house/flat
3. T0 have my own home cinema kit, projector and surround sound
4. Buy a nice car!
5. To play in a major poker tournament.
6. To build a mame arcade machine.
7. To quit smoking
8. Be debt free apart from mortage.
9. Find a lady friend for lots of activities.
10.To be able to say something smart about wine, hmm i can definately get a kfc scent off this red wine
11.Make a Bull McCabe soundboard for prank calls.
12.Pass driving test
13.Take another photography course
14.Learn how to really cook
15.Drive a ferrari around silverstone
16.Break into croke park at night and kick a point over the bar into the hill 16 end.
17.Buy a pair of cowboy boots
18.See a sunset at glastonbury festival with friends
19.Take a work break for at least a month and do some travelling.
20.Shoot a traffic warden with an air rifle
21.Buy everyone in a pub a drink
22.Go to vegas and stick a weeks wages on black
23.Go surfing
24.Go snowboarding
25.Go to german beerfest
26.Finally go to see a musical in the west end or broadway
27.Sing on the tube when drunk and get everyone to join in
28.Do a road trip through Europe or the US
29.Attend Mardi Gras
30.Try not to embarrass myself too much before my 30th


Anonymous said...

Nice, nice. Very nice.

I could help you with 14, 17, definitely 20, 24 and 25- but number 30 is just too out there.

If you do happen to go on a road trip across the US and don't tell me I will ... ...
... be very sad.

Toners said...

Good list mate. Will be looking to do a few of those myself before the 3 0 (14 months away). Definitely recommend the driving trip in the US.