Monday, 19 April 2010

Stuff you can get in Ireland but not in England and vice versa!

Irish List

Tayto Crisps
Barrys Tea
Brennans bread
White pudding
A good pint of Guinness
100's of taxis waiting for you outside a nightclub at 3am
Red lemonade
Politicians drunk in your local
Marlboro Gold

English list

Good food and drink at a reasonable price
A good transport system
People claiming to be Irish with an east end accent
Off licenses open past 10pm
Clubs and pubs open well past 3am
Fuckin council tax
Irish bars everywhere called O'Neills that serve traditional Irish Guinness Pie?
Cigerattes in packs of 10
Marlboro Lights
50 mb broadband
Free museums


abbie said...

What the heck is Guinness pie?

Anonymous said...

Try an Asda with an Irish section for Nash's red lemonade, Taytos and Barrys Tea, and Morrissons and some Londis's for white pudding.