Tuesday, 2 September 2008


Google launched there own web browser. Im having a play around with it at the moment. I dont think its going to take me away from Firefox just yet but "a company who fancies himself a god feels a very human chill crawl up his spine." Yes I am talking about Microsoft but more on those fuckers later. What I do like about this new browser is the fact that each tab has is its own process. So if 1 tab fucks up the whole pile doesnt come tumbling down. Who knows why this isnt in all browsers already but im sure they will all follow suit soon enough. The reality is webpages aren't static anymore, they are java enabled high powered applications. I usually have 6+ tabs open at all times. I could be browsing on a few, playing a game on another and watching a film on another. I do not want all this crashing if one hits a snag.

I would find it hard to believe that a few nerdy engineers at Google aren't spending there 20% personal project time, creating there very own operating system. I think it begs the question "Why the hell should I have to pay for anything?" Microsoft Office being a prime example, there is a shit load of open source alternatives to these now and why should companys have to pay thousands in license fees just to have the Microsoft badge on it. If you buy a copy of Vista you can only have it licensed to one machine. In the short term I think Microsoft will go the Apple route and let 5 machines use the one license. I have a laptop and soon building my own quad machine and I wont be paying for a license twice.


Anthony said...

I don't like the way Google have gone out on their own though. Why not assist with Firefox's development? It's open source so there's no excuse.

paddyinengland said...

yeah I see what your saying, they have basically robbed the good bits off Firefoxs browser. Like the power bar thing and Im sure some other stuff I havent picked up on yet. They have renewed there sponsorship of Firefox though, anything to piss Microfuckers off I reckon.