Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I know I have written about this cash cow before but seriously would it be too much to ask for this show to just fuck off and die. First episode of the new series and I bet you never seen this one coming but they all end up in jail again. Michael somehow gets himself back into the United States without a passport. They dont bother explaining how the FBI's most wanted man strolled through customs. I suppose the writers thought if a couple of million Mexicans could do it surely Super Scofield can too.

The plot thickens when Sarah ( the junkie doctor from the jail) reappears. Apparently she escaped in series 3 and didnt have her head chopped off. Linc the sink picked up some other birds head out of a basket that looked the exact same. Give the guy a break, it was dark and he's the stupid brother remember. This is the biggest pile of bullshit writers have pulled since Bobby only died in a dream in a Dallas. A dream that lasted a whole series imagine that. Well the English writers couldn't stand for that so they brought Dirty Den back after 16 years. The American writers have struck back apparently. OMG, shoot me now.

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Anthony said...

That show is bullshit alright. Who the fuck watches it?!