Monday, 8 September 2008


What was meant to be one night in London turned into three. My head is very sore as I write this. I had been invited to a boat party on the Thames and the booze was free so I was definately going to make an appearance.

A few important things I learnt this weekend. You should never get drunk before actually getting to a party. You should not fall asleep at a party, you dont look attractive apparently. You should never fall over face first with a pint of Guinness in your hand.

So friday night was a bit of a blur. Woke up in a right mess on Saturday morning, wasn't too sure where I was. Decided to watch Malcolm in the middle until Will woke up. Sat there watching more Malcolm while Wills brother made us both a full English. Few cans of wife beater then headed into Camden. Have never been there before but will definately be making an appearance again. Will attracted the attention of some very seedy looking elder gentleman who kept on talking about coke and showed Will a very large bag of it. I commented that this man looked very much like the old guy from Family guy which Will thought was the funniest thing he ever heard and fell off his stool laughing. The rest of the weekend continued in more ridiculous fashion. With me singing 'You've lost that loving feeling' to the girl behind the counter in KFC. If your ever in Camden watch out for this guy!

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Anthony said...

"Get your fat ass back here".