Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Facebook and work people

Why do people from work have to add me as a friend? It's bad enough I have to see them for 40 hours a week, I don't need them peering into my life when I go home.

How do you deal with these people though? Ignore their request or even down right reject it? I now have around 30 or 40 people from my company on my facebook its gotten ridiculous. Some of them I have never even met, just spoke on the phone about work crap. How does that make you my friend?

I would like to point out, I am quite happy to add girls who are posing half naked. That's totally different!


abby. said...

I wont do it! Never mix work with 'real' life it'll bite you in the ass. As momma always said "never shit where you eat!" Thats actually offensive but you get the idea.

Toners said...

This is what friend lists are for. I show a limited amount of info to a load of people (ie. work folk) and then the rest of the crap to close mates. Only way to do it. Well, either that or ya just ignore the friend invites.

PaddyInEngland said...

@Abby: Im just too damn popular and good looking for my own good!

@Toners: You dont work with stab you in the heart with knife wielding soulless monkeys!

abbayyy said...

well stop it! :)