Friday, 24 April 2009

Fat Beard and Susan Boyle

You really know you have become a star when the guys behind South Park decide your their shithead of the week and they make fun of you in an episode. In the latest episode named Fat Beard, Cartman decides to start a pirate club in school and then there off to join the pirates in Somalia.

Ike leaves his parents this note to explain why he's leaving, I laughed for about 10 minutes.

“Everyone at school is a fuckin idiot and if one more person talks to me about that Susan Boyle performance of Les Miserables I was going to puke my balls out through my mouth."


For those of you who have patience and didn't watch the episode online, its UK premiere is tonight on paramount at 10.


abby. said...

bahahahaha i saw that last night, good times!

Quickroute said...

Off to download the torrent - ssshhh!