Monday, 14 April 2008

Cigars and Champagne

Song: Maxi Priest - Close to you
Feeling: Open minded
Playing: Mario Kart Wii
Reading: Michael J Fox's Bio

Turning 25, sure does suck. Half way to 50, a quarter of a century, etc etc etc ...(as performed by Yul Brynner in the King and I.) Decided to have a party in the house to celebrate. The Neiller fella brought around some Bollinger and we seemed to go through about 3 bottles of Jagey. Anyway you think they would have let me win at twister on my birthday but no, I was the first to bite the dust. I did a mean version of Dont stop me now on singstar though. 5 years to 30, so I thought it might be an idea to have some sort of five year plan. It might be easier to decide what I actually want out of the next five years, than where I will be. But then what should be included in the 5 year plan, should it be some type of career plan or something a bit more personal. I think I will do some High Fidelity style Top 5 lists.

Career Wise.
1. Finish contract with JP and go on to bigger and better things, preferably in London.
2. Become certified in all SQl and SYBASE.
3. Make as many contacts as possible within the business.
4. Hit 500 sterling a day contract.
5. Start going to work on time.

1. Write at least two more books.
2. Take an acting course
3. Take a directing course
4. Do some travelling, around Europe and Asia.
5. Get a 6 pack haha

Realistic things I can buy
1. Hugo Boss suit and shoes
2. Nice BMW
3. House/Apartment
4. Every movie Al Pacino was ever in.
5. Projector screen


Anthony said...

Singstar? Quality. We have all of the discs. Few beers + singstar = karaoke heros.

That Michael J Fox book is excellent. Read it a couple of years back.

How long is your contract with JP?

Networking is really important. I've only started doing that properly over the past while. I was at a tech event in Kilkenny and made so many new contacts off the back of it.

500 sterling a day? If you do that, give me a call. The king of the nerds wants in.

Always felt I wanted to do some TV type stuff. Did Popscene when I was like 16 and they thought I was a natural. That's probably their bullshit but it felt cool and I was comfortable doing it.

I'm sorting a projector screen for a project we're doing with old folk. Kitting it out with a Wii and all. Just need to get on to Health & Safety to make sure we're not exposing the organisation to any major risks. :-)

Good blogging man. Talk to ya soon.

Legal Paddy Alien in the UK said...

Contract is two years mate, so 20 months left. Yeah the old networking is good. Kind of helps im working for an IT Contractors company so meet all sorts of nerds. Not a batch on your my man. Yeah after 2 years here, im hoping to be on 250 a day, throught the IT company but will have to wait and see. What the hell do they have you doing working with old people for btw.