Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Peep Show

Season 5 will start on May 2nd and I honestly cant wait. I hadnt watched it until one hungover faithful Sunday in my mates flat in Brighton. We watched all of Series 1 that day and I watched the other three series online over the next few days. Resulting in me, arriving late for work several days in a row. Here is the top 5 quotes from Mark (thoughts to himself, does that count as a quote?), because if we're honest there is a bit of Mark's insecurities in all of us.

5.Mark: (Relax Mark, you're not Hitler in his bunker, he was really under the cosh... Mind you, at least he had a girlfriend.)

4.Mark: Hi Jeff. (Well fuck you if you're not doing small talk, I'm not gonna help us out... Lets die together.)

3.[In a toilet cubicle with Toni, Jeremy and Valerie]
Mark: (I've got to take Jeremy's advice more often: I'm out on a date with a teenage goth, smoking pot in the Lazerbowl toilets... this is it. This is literally, it. This is the sort of thing people do when they're having a good time.)

2.Mark: (Yeah, you won't be so cocky Jeff, when I come into the office with a Kalashnikov and 200 rounds of ammunition. I'm probably exactly the kind of person who could end up doing something like that.)

1.Mark: (Sure, an orgy sounds great, but you're basically just multiplying the number of people you're not going to be able to look in the eye afterwards.)


Anthony said...

Truly great show. Have all of them on DVD. Have you seen Gavin and Stacey? Great show, just finished its second series

Legal Paddy Alien in the UK said...

No, to the wikicave!

Abby said...

Best Fuckin show ever...enuff said.