Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Apprentice - Hopefully fired this week

Right hands up who hates that Belfast bastard on the Apprentice. Im pretty sure its not just me. Here are his qualifications BA (Hons) Economics & Business, whoop-di-fuckin-do. He is full of his own self-importance and I can't believe anyone else on the show would have a good word to say about him. Out of everyone on the show I would want to work with him the least, I think I would end up wrapping my telephone lead around his throat. The sooner this fucker is thrown off the show the better.

If they dont fire him this week, I am quite happy for any of the falling people to get sacked.

Poor old Noorul, I only want him left in for comic value really. His team meeting last week was classic and the poor bastard was obviously out of his depth. The decision to sell the soaps dressed up in one of those outfits they wear so not to be stung was great. It looked like they were trying to sell anthrax. No chance of winning, but not a bad bloke.

She just annoys me and she's not very pleasant on the eye.

He just has a face that I would like to give a good smack, and he appears utter shite in the tasks.


Toners said...

Join the liveblog on if your around.

PaddyInEngland said...

Nah man im in work unfortunately. Will check it out next week though oh no wait I wont im on lates again grrrrrrr

abby. said...

Ive never seen the british version but then again hated the american version bleah. Theyre all some funny lookin fuckers!