Monday, 20 April 2009

So you can get tagged in a blog apparently?

So DailyDaydreamer or DD as I refer to as (yes i am still really a 12 year old boy) has tagged me and now I have to do some quiz thingy. I dont mind doing this one as I am bored in work but this better not turn into some facebook invitation nightmare.

So basically I have to tell you what things I wish I had created/wrote/directed. I am going to do all this anyway once I can get the DeLorean to fucking start.

Movie: This was a tough call but it would have to be Jerry Maguire, it's just such a warm film. I love ROD TIDWELL! WHOSE MY MOTHERFUCKER?

Song: Bruce Springsteen - I'm on fire. No explanation if you haven't heard it watch the video below, it will change your whole life! Well maybe not, but I love it.

Chocolate bar: Nestle Baby Ruth! Omg my mouth just got very wet. Im off to order a box online.

Invention: A bra that a man can snap open quickly. Im getting sick of having to carry a scissors around.

Event: I would reinvent the FIFA World Cup and would not have allowed England to host it and then they would never have won the fuckin thing and I wouldn't have to listen to them talking about it 40 years later.

Ok so apparently I have to tag 3 people to do this now. So im being sneaky about this one. Abby you have been tagged so you basically have to come out of blog retirement, gonna tag Gimp too as he only wrote his first entry of the month last night at 3am and I am going to tag UnaRocks, although I doubt we will see her return.


abby. said...

I have a blog
I prefer to read yours. I am lazy.

You had me at porch monkey.

Daily Daydreamer said...

Aww, you did it!