Friday, 2 May 2008

Match of the Day

I have a real problem with the whole BBC Match of the day team. What do Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen all have in common? There all assholes! Gary Lineker is the anchor, with the other two garden knomes giving there expert opinion. Ian Wright recently left the show claiming he was used by the producers to be the comic element on the show as the other analysts were so dry. I guess it had nothing to do with him landing a lucrative contract as the host for Gladiators. The best football show by a long mile is Jimmy Hills Sunday supplement. Four journalistsand Jimmy, until they axed Jimmy. Now its just the Sunday supplement but still a fantastic analysis of what has happened in football that week. They dont show highlights or have any of the new fancy technology to track players, just four journalists having a chat over a brew.

Another BBC asshole is Mark Lawrenson. He does a weekly prediction of football results from the Premiership. I dont know if he is on an earner from a few major bookmakers to tell people incorrect predictions but the bloke doesnt know his arse from his elbow. I will put my money where my mouth is though, I will sign up to give a contribution to Concern if he can beat me this weekend on results. 5 points for a correct score and 2 points for a correct result. Game on Lawro, GAME ON!

Lawro's Predictions My Predictions
Man Utd vs West Ham Man Utd vs West Ham
3-0 2-1

Aston Villa vs Wigan Aston Villa vs Wigan
2-0 1-1

Blackburn vs Derby Blackburn vs Derby
2-0 4-0

Fulham vs Birmingham Fulham vs Birmingham
2-1 1-1

Middlesbrough vs Portsmouth Middlesbrough vs Portsmouth
2-0 1-3

Reading vs Tottenham Reading vs Tottenham
2-0 0-0

Bolton vs Sunderland Bolton vs Sunderland
2-0 1-2

Arsenal vs Everton Arsenal vs Everton
2-0 1-1

Liverpool vs Man City Liverpool vs Man City
2-1 1-0

Newcastle vs Chelsea Newcastle vs Chelsea
0-2 1-1

I have played it a bit more dangerous than Lawro, going for Chelsea and Arsenal to both draw but time will tell. Is it just me or would everyone love to see Middlesbrough go down?

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