Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Planes, mammys car and a taxi!

Current Location: In work
Listening to: Bruce Springsteen - The river
Thinking: "Who the fuck eats sushi from Tesco?"

Got on the ShitAir flight, there was about 8 people on the plane. On a Ryanair flight it is usually particularly hard to get any sort of leg room but if you take the seats where the emergency exit are you do get a bit of comfort. Well so I thought. I was sitting there a bit nervous, I hate flying. A few whiskeys at the bar before take off usually sort me out though. Well, until now. The AirHostess informed me if there was an accident because I was sitting in the seats beside the emergency exit, I would have to help them get the doors open and help people off. "Are you ready to be hero?" I wasnt really listening so I just nodded my head. It wasnt until they were doing the whole air hostess dance showing the exits did I think about it. "Are you ready to be hero?" Fuck no Im not! What was I supposed to do exactly if there was an accident?JohnnySnipes passenger 57, fuck you! Every poor bastard for himself as far as im concerned. And what kind of plane are you getting on when the air hostess tells you if there is an accident before you have even taken off bla bla bla. AHHHHHHHHH! Well we all got there safe and sound.

Got off the plane turned the blower on. No messages. No missed calls. Charlie was meant to be picking me up. Ring ring ring. No answer. FUCK! Text message from Charlie. "Im at the Trinity Ball." Great! Sent him a nice abusive message, calling him all sorts of nasty things. Text from Charlie. "I have a ticket for ya." Quick call to Mammy, come pick my ass up. Quick chat with the family and off out the door. "Got to Trinity. No you cant come in. "Come on, I came from England for this, my girlfriends inside." You think he would have been cool and told me "Alot of peoples girlfriends are inside!" But no, he was a douchebag. Ended up going to the casino and sitting beside some comedian off the panel, cant remember his name. THen met Roey and his missus, and went back and drank alot of whiskey.

Important thing to remember: bouncers suck, as do Ryanair and people have better things to be doing than picking you up at an airport on a Friday Night at 12.