Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The trouble with work!

Album: Richard Ashcroft - Close to you
Feeling: Like theres something missing, maybe my keys
Playing: GTA4
Reading: Al Pacino: In Conversation with Lawrence Grobel

"I woke up this morning, feeling fine...." Yes, I was basically as happy as the Halifax dude. I didnt break into song or dance but still the birds went tweep tweep tweep and I made myself a cup of tea. The sun was immense for 8am and I made a mental note to myself, to bring my RayBans back from Ireland. Its about a 40 minute walk to my office from my house. I had just robbed a few albums from the good auld tinternet the day before and had synced my ipod, so I decided to walk it.

I was enjoying my stroll for a change, through the High street of my town. The "got any change gang" were still asleep so I wasn't being bothered. I stopped to get some fruit in a grocer, I hadnt been in before and have vowed never to buy fruit & veg off a Tesco again. It was good stuff.

Was having such a wonderful time listening to Mr Ashcroft and enjoying the sun, when I got outside my office it suddenly dawned on me, that I actually had to go in. Oh no!