Monday, 19 May 2008

TV sucks an awful lot lately!

Before I start. I LOVE TV. I am Mr TV. I have a dream, that one day I will have a tv the size of a theatre screen. I have a dream that my tv will be able to syncrhonize and live in harmony with all my other media devices in a perfect open source environment. I have a dream that every tv screen will have a quad core * by quad core processor and allow me to watch 32 different channels simulatenously on one screen. I have a dream, that there is actually something worth fucking watching on TV.

TV shows I want back now. Sopranos, Glenroe, Black Books, Friends, Father Ted ( I dont care if he's dead, wake his ass up) and Beverly Hills 90210. We need Graham Linehan to go the Dolly the Sheep route. Is there no one else out there who we can turn to for some entertainment. FFS he graduated from Colaiste Dhulaigh! Couldn't we get the old Friends crew back together and just announce a new series, its not like any of them have anything else to be doing. They could probably pull in $10 million each an episode.

Two current shows that have turned into an absolute fucking fiasco. Prison Break and Lost. How can they still be lost? Do we have to go through another few years of peoples theories? As for Prison Break, I loved series 1. The best show on television by a long shot. The downfall of this; they have to keep it going forever. This isnt the fuckin A-Team! They cant just move the characters to a new country and get them arrested in a new country and put them in an even shittier prison. Its meant to be a story not an on going drama. They might as well put it on three nights a week like Eastenders or some other shite drama. End the fucking story. Kill Michael, kill them both, I dont care anymore.

Can someone explain to me in this day and age why I have to wait months to watch an episode of a show that premiered in the States? Well I have a super fast connection like the rest of the world and I wont wait. You know what that means, I probably wont watch it when it comes out in UK/EIRE, because I have already watched it in shittier quality online. At least I didn't have to watch the ads.


Anonymous said...

I agree, tv is crap. Read a book...or better yet...write another one. :)

Legal Paddy Alien in the UK said...

nah i was too disheartened after the last one haha

Anthony said...

Have to agree. The only show I'd be encouraged to watch is the Apprentice BUT that normally clashes with the Champions League so I have to download it the next day off a different source.

Prison Break went muck after season 1. They escaped, deal with it. They latch on to a successful concept and milk it dry. Same thing with Lost. Muppets

Legal Paddy Alien in the UK said...

yeah the apprentice is rather good, pity that irish bird got booted off; would have definately given her some loving. If you go to, they have an iplayer link where you can download the last two episodes and put them onto your ipod or you can just watch them from the site, pretty cool and no ads. hooray! Not sure who will be kicked off next.

abbyiscoollikewhoa said...

I'll have you know that the only decent shows I can get here in the US ARE on the internet, so you won't get any pity off me. Prison break was a bust after the first season. Lost is shit after the first season and the god squad people took over. They killed off my favorite character Charlie (loved that silly hobbit bastard). Forward some more shows man, you are saving me from a horrible reality TV death!

paddyinengland said...

Gavin & Stacey is hilarious. Its so good I am going to write a blog on it.