Friday, 13 March 2009

Dave, why losing my job wont be that bad!

At home I have the full Sky package, movies + sports blah blah blah. I pay a good bit of money for this and Im not sure why. I rarely watch any of the movie channels and I might watch one or two football matches on sky every week.

Most of the time my tv channel of choice is DAVE. The channel is called Dave because apparently everybody knows a bloke called Dave. Its a great channel for when you just went to vedge after a hard night on the sauce.

Whats funny about this channel is all its content is BBC back catalogs. It main shows are Top Gear, Mock the Week and Never mind the Buzzcocks. If I lose my job I can see alot of days spent in front of the tv watching DAVE. That wouldn't be so bad now would it?


Daily Daydreamer said...

I don't know a DAVE. That channel sucks's such a boy channel.

Toners said...

Dave ftw. Have to admit whenever I'm channeling surfing, there's generally something I'll watch on it.

The Gimp said...

what do you think i do all day no wim a bum?