Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Males make better chefs?

I remember a few times we were unfortunate enough to have to experience my fathers cooking. It was so bad the dog wouldn't eat it. I remember him putting onions in beans once. Yes actually chopping up an onion, putting it into a pot with beans and infusing the two. It was vile.

My mother was an alright cook. It was typical Irish food: meat, spuds and some other veg most of the time. She did occasionally I remember cook this ridiculous hot curry and we always had a roast on a Sunday. Nothing too adventurous, I think she was better at cooking cakes than anything else. She used to make these all the time at Xmas, I remember she sold a few one year. They mainly went to relatives and friends.

I worked in a few restaurants over the years and all the chefs seemed to be male. On tv, Gordo Ramsay seems to have about five different tv shows on at prime times. Is he even a chef anymore? I know he does a bit on tv, but has he recently spent a whole month cooking in one restaurant? Where is the female chefs on late night tv. I want good looking women making chocolate shaped boobs!!!

Im just wondering why there seem to be more male chefs but very few who cook at home. Its starting to change a bit now. Ive gone out with girls who couldn't pull together a bowl of Corn Flakes for you in the morning. Maybe its the late night work that attracts men to being chefs. They work till around 11 then dont have to be back in until the next evening.

Ok ive lost myself in this blog now, im sure theirs a point in there somewhere.

I made my own soup today from scratch, and its kinda nice!

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Daily Daydreamer said...

Oh..I like Gordon Ramsey...he's hawt in an old, British kinda way...