Thursday, 26 March 2009

How to get thrown out of a car?

So im not exactly a morning person. Im definately not a 6am person. Well thats when I was woken up today by a toddler, then pushed out of bed at 7. Then told to hurry up after being in shower for half an hour. Then got dirty im late and its all your fault looks. Not being able to eat breakfast she has made as hungover from beer and wine.

Atmosphere is a bit tense in the car its about 8:05, I would still be walking about in my boxers if I was at my place. Ive said nothing, im in a mood for being blamed on the lateness even if it was my fault. Im too early to go to work, I dont have enough money to go get a fancy breakfast somewhere.

Radio 1 is on, conversation non-existant.

Girlie:"Its really quiet, no one is on the streets."
Me:"There all in fuckin bed, where I should be!"

And now im on the pavement laughing my head off. Im such a prick


Abby said...

yup. lol

English Mum said...

Hee. Aw, poor Paddy. Never mess with us girlies first thing in the morning, you're asking for trouble giving us any shit before we've had at least 2 coffees!!

Toners said...

I can actually see you doing that. lol

English Mum said...

Oh and thanks for the macro lens comment - made me laugh out loud!!!