Monday, 23 March 2009

Its good to be the champ!

So last Monday was the last day of my photography course. There were 16 of us in the class and the tutor had told us of a small competition between ourselves that would be held on the last week. The competition was based on night photography (no flash).

I couldn't decide on which photo to choose. He was putting up our photos one by one on a board and I was really hoping we werent going to be ranked 1-16 as I would have placed myself about 12th.

Anyway the tutor thought other wise, so when he said "I think John is a deserved winner", I looked around the class looking for another John until it dawned on me that he actually meant me.

Here's the photo I entered. Oh and I have tried to get some photos uploaded to istockphoto and I have been rejected grrrrrrrrrrr!


Toners said...

Awesome mate, well done. How'd you achieve the effect?

ana. said...

Its the moth man!!!

Quickroute said...

wait yer name is John - who the hell i Paddy? p.s. well done !

PaddyInEngland said...

@Toners - 30 second exposure got my two housemates to do the pose, got my other housemate to go around their body with a flash.

@Ana - watch out moth mans about!

@Quickroute - Theirs a bit of Paddy in all of us!