Thursday, 5 March 2009

Would you put your phone number on facebook?

I have 300 odd friends on Facebook for some reason. Probably 50 from Ireland, 50 from Tenerife and 50 from England who the rest are is anyone's guess.

There is a page on facebook where you can add your contact details. I have seen this on the news feed page numerous times where you see someone has updated their contact details on their page. Basically giving their number and address, isnt this all a step too far?

I use Facebook quite a bit, its nice to say hello to people you havent seen in a while on the chat function and be tagged in old pics but I dont want these people having my mobile number to ring me at 4am to have a conversation about "remember when......"


Toners said...

I wouldn't put my number on it anyway.

English Mum said...

Nope nor me. I had enough worries about linking my blog to my page, as I blog anonymously. Still, nobody reads the shite that I write anyway.

Ms.Pam said...

This is something I have been trying to tell my 17 year old son it is dangerous! He has 300+ friends who he says he personally knows, rubbish at most I would imagine 100. If these "close" friends want to ring him they can send a msg asking for the number! If nothing else this leaves identy abuse an open door, why not include your bank account number and pin number while you are at it!