Wednesday, 28 January 2009

21 Weeks to Glastonbury

Got my ticket! CANT WAIT!

I am going to try and get a bit more organised this year so I dont find myself in the usual situation where I have to buy all that I need for the festival on the day.

On Friday I will be ordering my first two items I will need for my messy week. I had neither when I went last year. First item is the Maglite Boxed Mini Mag AA Torch - Blue, that will cost me just under £10 english pounds, so its probably about €40 in Ireland. This is a necessity after last year when I went for a 4am piss in the darkness I fell into a bunch of nettles as I didnt realise there was a big hole in the ditch, whoops. And yes I did manage to get my cock back in my trousers before it landed in the nettles, my hands and forehead got the worst of it.

Second thing is a decent rucksack. Dont do what I did last year and bring one school size rucksack and have to carry your sleeping bag and tent in your arms. You can get a really good one on amazon for £30, you can detach the front part of it and use it as well a smaller rucksack. What I really want though is one of those bags with a funnel that you can have on your back and walk around having a drink. YEAH HERES TO GETTING FUCKED and not throwing all your drugs out the window of your VW van at the first sign of a sniffer dog! :(


Abby. said...

Get yourself a camelback and a beer helmet and your all set! I'm insanely jealous of you!!!!!!!

PaddyInEngland said...

A camelback, thats what there called. Good girl Abby! And why dont ya just come?