Thursday, 29 January 2009

4am phone calls and Prince Harry

The only times my friends from Ireland seem to ring me these days is when they are absolutely shit faced. And me being too nice to ignore there calls entertain them.

Me:' Alright man, its 4 in the morning whats up?"
Mo chara: "iiiii knnnowww how Harryy feels"
Me: "Who the fuck is Harry?"
Mo chara: "friiiiince harry, your future kinggggggg, his bird just dumped him too"
me: "cool, might add her on facebook. not adding your ex though, she was rough"
mo chara: "Whaddya say?"
me: "nothing man, talk to ya tomorrow. go to bed.
mo chara: "i rrrring yaa up anddd now ya wonnt talk

So we talk for a few minutes and im telling him a story about this strange bloke in work, next thing i can hear the fucker snoring. I was going to plug in my mobile, not hang up and let him get a huge bill but in the end i didnt plug it in, battery must have went after an hour or two. im far too nice for my own good!


Toners said...

That's quality. Love the way he chastises ya for not being appreciative.

PaddyInEngland said...

yes definitely the symptoms of a drunk, here we see the subject believing they are doing no wrong

Quickroute said...

ah yes the ol' drunk n' dial - been there - done it - hung up