Thursday, 29 January 2009


Yeah its getting close to that time of year when you will see alot of confused men in Ann Summers picking up the last outfit in there that their partners would find attractive. And dont worry they wont be shy in telling ya that you have shite taste. Shopping for women is pretty damn horrible. Thats why I usually stick to some sort of white flowers and some spa treatment voucher when giving presents to a female. The Spa treatment vouchers are a good one, cos they think its really thoughtful but you can buy them online haha.

Anyway its that time of year, im single but fuck no I wont be spending valentines on my own. Im far too vain for something like that. I dont care if I have to ring every bird I know, someone is getting taken out to some poxy restaurant where the waitress will rush us and the chef wont cook our food properly as he is doing too much and we will probably have to eat from a set menu. Load of me arse. SO why do we all do it? The same reason I will be taking someone out on the 14th, do you really want to be the odd one out?

Its a bit of a bullshit point but I would say roughly 30% of my close friends have girlfriends/boyfriends but I bet around 60-70% will have a date on the 14th. And I dont want to come into the question at work "What you do last night?", which of course some smug asshole whose girlfriend has a face like a boiled boil will ask. I have been in this stupid routine since I was about 14 or 15. Last year was the first year I broke it. I had only been living in Bournemouth a month and I wasn't about to fly home to Dublin just for one night. Last year we had a bit of a drunk night out with my new housemates on the 14th and a few of there friends. What do you think happened? We all paired off and I awoke staring at a ceiling I didn't recognise. Are we all a bit insecure about this? If its just a commercialised marketing event, they have done a very good job.


Abby. said...

Even when I'm not single on the dreaded V-Day I really could care less if we celebrate it or not. It's a holiday solely to sell worthless crap, talk about stimulating the economy. I have to hand it to you though the spa thing is brilliant! You ladies man you!

Toners said...

Don't really notice come and go if I'm honest, well apart from the amount of tack in shops.