Thursday, 22 January 2009

Telemarket fuckers!

Got a call on my mobile today. Some telephone marketing asshole, im very suspicious when talking to these fucks. While writing this I think I have realised how it all happened. Here's our conversation, im me and TSF is telemarket fucker

TMF:"Hi, how are you today?
Me:"Whose this?"
TMF:"Im Claire, Im from freemobileUK and we see that you are coming to the end of your phone contract.
Me:"What? Are you part of O2?"
TMF:"No wer'...
Me:"How did you get my number and my details?"
TMF:"Off a random database..."


I rang O2 to complain, they didn't know how they would have got my details, the girl joked maybe they have been through my rubbish. STUPID BITCH. She obviously knew how but she wasn't telling me, I think I have worked it out now.

When I took out my contract over a year ago, a few days after I was receiving calls asking me would I like to buy insurance from them for my phone. O2 obviously sold my details on to these assholes and they now have sold them onto another phone group. Now you might say its a breach of a law to tell another company my contract details but they didnt have to. They just told them when they got the details and know 18 months from that day is the end of my contract. FUBAR!!!!!!!!!!

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Anthony said...

Not the best day then?