Monday, 5 January 2009

Bournemouth 1 year on

I just realised I have been in Bournemouth exactly one year today. I moved down here on the 5th of January 2008, it was a Saturday. I had never been to Bournemouth before, the interview had been in Brighton and I had accepted as it sounded as good a spot as any.

I was greeted at the train station by a little hottie I knew from my Tenerife days. As we tried to leave through one of the gates an employee informed us that the gate was always closed as junkies used to come through to it and threatened staff and the staffs safety had to come first. Welcome to Bournemouth.

I was meant to go to a house viewing that evening but decided to stay in with my little hottie and stay in the hotel for a few days, I wasn't paying for it anyway. On sunday my hottie left me and I waved her goodbye with a wistful smile and went walking around the town expecting to see a face I knew. Of course I knew none. Its probably a good thing I didnt bump into the guy who interviewed me for the job as I would have demanded he take me home and I could live with him.

Living in a hotel really sucks. I was desperate to get out of it, I would have slept with homeless people under a bridge just for a bit of company after a few days in the hotel. A desperate man is likely to make rash decisions and begor I made one....

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