Friday, 9 January 2009

Before I fall to pieces

I went to the doctor this week for the first time since I blagged some student doctor at DCU to give me a cert for missing an exam in DCU.

Basically, I have been having a problem hearing lately and decided I better get it checked. I had a similar problem when I was about 11 or 12 so I wasn't too worried about it. The good thing about good old Ingerland is going into a doctor and not paying him a penny. NHS BABY! Suck on that Harney! The bad thing is the rest of the people in the waiting room looked like they were about to drop. Everyone has been picking up bugs this year its ridiculous, apart from me im hardcore. Im like that dude Jim from 28 days later.

Anyway, the ears arent too fucked. Should be able to hear fine again in a month with the help of some ear drops.

Took my subscription to Boots.
"12 pound please"
"But it says four quid on it"
"Thats without the subscription"
"Can you buy it over the counter without a subscription?"
"Il do that then."
"Four pound please."

Cant get good staff these days.

Oh yeah my eyes are fucked too, 230 quid for glasses today. Fubar!


Abby said...

I hate going to the doctor! I associate doctors with needles!!! Owie! Why do all doctors offices smell funny, like death? Was just at the docs on Monday when they informed me that they wanted to do a thyroid check, which involves needles! I knew it was a conspiracy so I went out in the hall had a mini panic attack and made some lame excuse about how my boss called me and I had to rush back to work and left. I'm very important ya know. So on the down side I'm probably dying but you aren't sticking me suckers! No way Jose! Oh and by the way John the whole ear and eye thing, you are almost 26. It only gets better my friend. :p

PaddyInEngland said...

If id known Id be paying so much for stuff made in Taiwan I would have shot a little straighter in the war!

Abby said...

Stop making me laugh! People are staring....

Quickroute said...

I know it's a splurge of cash up front but if you're a suitable candidate for Lasik - do it !
I was spending 300 quid on glasses every year because the prescription needed to be changed or I'd sit on or lose the F'n glasses