Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Why would you want to be my friend? (On facebook)

Weather: Shitty
Bank Balance : Around the -400 mark -- only 17 days till payday :)
Mood: Energetic
Drinking: Agua
Music: Richard Ashcroft - Keys to the World
Reading: Tony Parsons - One for my baby

Logged into facebook last night, the usually nonsense 44 notifications about shit I didnt need to know. Note to self dont ever be the camera man for an event again and then post the photos on your own page for people to tag and comment. After browsing through that nonsense, I noticed I had a friend request. Who the fuck is Steve MC?

I clicked on his name and fortunately it wasn't set to completely private, I could go in and view some of his photos. I also noticed we had one friend in common, a girl I knew from DCU. Click on photos, oh so thats who you are! Steve MC is not a dj, hes a Mac something. I think I know what his full name is but I wont divulge it here, in case he googles his name someday. (I think I do this about once a month, sad I know. I do find myself eventually on page 8 with a film review I did for film ireland)

Anyway he's a dude from primary school, he was in my class for a few years. Nice bloke, didnt beat me up or steal lunch money. I dont remember us being friends in school or anything. If I passed him on the street now, I would probably nod a hello and move on. Is that enough to be a facebook friend? I used to see him in Quinns when I was about 18, he was going out with a girl I kind of know but even shes not on his facebook friend list so why am I? I dont know, what was I suppose to do reject him? Thoughts on a postcard, or leave a comment.


Anthony said...

Why would he have a cause to be your mate on Facebook? Can't understand punters doing that. It's weird.

PaddyInEngland said...

i dont know, maybe he's got some photos from a school trip or something. that would be actually cool, i doubt it though.

Abby said...

I never add people I don't know but I made an exception for you. Why?

PaddyInEngland said...

@Abby: ive got excellent bone structure!

English Mum said...

I find that very weird. I've got some old boyfriend on there from when I was 19 - never seen him since AND he bloody cheated on me!! Still, I accepted him so I must be the mental one.

Do you post your bloggy pages on your facebook? I do, but I blog anonymously.

Schizophrenic, moi.

PaddyInEngland said...

@Anthony - I accepted him and now his mate has requested me as well, he can go and shite though.

@English Mum - No I dont blog on facebook, how do you blog on it anonymously, I want people to know how great i am lol

Quickroute said...

I get random strangers sending friend requests with FB - I challenge them on how they know me and they reply we're part of the same travel group ( that I mistakenly joined 12 months ago when I was playing with facebook)


I know have an RSS feed for FB so I don't have to log into the black hole and get poked by a sheep