Monday, 2 February 2009

How my goals for 2009 are going so far

At the start of January I did a blog on five things I wanted to achieve in 2009. Here is a little update on them.

1. Started my photography course - really enjoying it. Class four tonight, I will have to walk home in the snow ahhhhhh!

2. Pass driving test - Still haven't applied for an English Driving license whoops. (ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT)

3.Go on a different type of holiday - Not even sure if I will get to go on a holiday this year. Will have a better idea in about a month if my contract is getting extended. Not very confident on this one. Im the last of the mohicans (contracters) here at the moment. Oh well at least I have Glastonbury to look forward to.

4.Start coming to work on time? - Nope still consistently late, then again my bus crashed too, wasn't too much I could do about that one.

5.Build a mame cocktail table. - Got some construction blueprints and realised it would be alot cheaper to buy the damn thing. If I can get an old busted one on ebay that needs new parts and the cpu replacing might be tempted. The 4 main panels I would need to build the frame were £98 quid a piece and that was with an employee discount. Need to look into this more.

Thats my list for the year, bit too easy isnt it. Gonna add another!

6. Read five books a month. - This month I will be reading The Watchmen, Anne Franks diary, The Game and Its not about the Bike.

The Watchmen - I have heard too many conversations on this comic and I want to be able to throw in my two cent.

Anne Franks diary - I think everyone knows about this sad true story, I know how it ends but I am still looking forward to reading it.

The Game - Is written by Neil Strauss, its suppose to be about his sexual conquests but no one is entirely sure if this little bald man is telling the truth.

Its not about the bike - Is the autobiography of Lance Armstrong and his battle against cancer


Toners said...

Ya seem to be kicking things along anyway. Watchmen is badass. Read it before Christmas. It's not about the bike is also really good.

Abby. said...

Good job for being last man standing, you win. Reading five books a month is awesome I can't even find the time to finish one. The diary of Anne frank is a very sad book. I had to read in high school and didn't even get halfway though, just like angelas ashes....I thought I cried so hard I was going to puke;

PaddyInEngland said...

@Toners - Yeah I think your blog on it swayed me, was it a blog or you just commenting on it or Darren mentioning he left it in some coffee shop, maybe it was all those things.

@Abby - Big girls dont cry