Friday, 13 February 2009

Best review ever!

Found this on still not 100% sure its a pisstake, there are alot of people out there living virtual lives!

"I have a mate who works on the buses and he is always telling me how great his job is. Well now i can experience his thrills and realise how lucky he is - yet he gets paid for it.

The excitement of this game is unreal, the thrill of seeing a queue of people is unrivalled - knowing that your the only person who can help them. I now know where my mate is coming from and why is always so tired in the evenings. He recommended this game for me as he uses it at weekends to keep things "Ticking over"

At £15, a bargain, roll on Bus Simulator 2009 !!!

ps can we have routemasters and also be able to edit the drivers looks please"

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