Friday, 20 February 2009

Nob nation Podcast!

Nob nation is a podcast made by RTE that I subscribe too. Makes me feel a bit closer to home and I find it fuckin hilarious. My favourite character on it is Biffo(Brian Cowen) as he's currently talking about how shite the country is right now in Biffo's Diary.

Biffo "On the international front, ive been ringing my Offaly cousin Bollox O'Bama in Washington but he still wont accept the reverse charges. I suppose he has his hands full with the Israeli situation."

Mícheál: "Gabh mo leithscéal Taoiseach"

Biffo: "What do you want Mícheál? Make it quick!

Mícheál:"Its just im under pressure to provide the Government stance on Israel going forward. Are we for or against calls for a Palestinian state or are we supporting the Jewish state?"

Biffo: "Look it, tell them it doesnt matter what state they think there in. Were in a worse fuckin state over here, now get out before i kick you into Ramadan."

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