Friday, 13 February 2009

Who I am in three steps!

In my early blogging days I wrote a blog on a neighbor of mine nearly getting killed by a crocodile in Cancun during his sisters wedding.

Well a wildlife production company seen my blog, I presume they got my email from blogger which led to gmail and from there they got my real name and emailed me on facebook.

Hi John,

I have already emailed you in fact, but thought I would write a message to you here as well as Facebook often gets checked more than emails. My name is Susie Povey and I am doing some research for Tigress Productions here in bristol about human-animal conflict. I came across your blog 'The Adventures of Another Paddy in England'. The assistant producer is extremely keen to talk to Sean about his experience in cancun for a new television series we are producing. Please can you help me? Could you put me in touch with Sean, some contact details perhaps?

Thank you so much for your help,

Susie Povey

I had a bit of a hangover today, so told her to go away. Shes just going to have to try harder for a runner and ring every Treacy in the phonebook. Expecting me to do her work for her! The fuckin nerve!


Abby. said...

What?!? As far as I can remember you were loving all the embarrasment of this guy ll over the world AND YOU PASS UP THE CHANCE FOR MORE?? I've lost the faith in mankind.

PaddyInEngland said...

Abby thats harsh, I was just reporting the facts and as long as your friends dont die or get seriously injured its your duty to make fun of them.