Saturday, 21 February 2009

Getting dumped

Never nice getting dumped. Worse getting dumped by a text. Not sure what went wrong here. We've been seeing each other since Xmas. She has a daughter and im fine about that. I stayed there quite a bit the last 2 months and we had planned on going on a short holiday to Barcelona in April. I stayed there Thursday night we kissed goodbye in the morning and emailed each other throughout the day. Then got a text at 5 saying blah blah need to concentrate on me right now and my kid more blah blah blah sorry

I thought what the fuck, but shes done this before and then text me about 10 times when she was drunk one night the first one was by "accident" of course. I dont know, im very confused right now. I went straight to the pub after work and drank alot of beer then went and played Street Fighter. After about my 6th pint i get a text off her

"Do you want me to put your jumper in the wash, im putting on a wool wash?x"

what the fuck! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Anonymous said...

eh....look up 'bi-polar'... you've got a nutter on your hands mate! Tell her 'shit or get off the pot' well, not in those words but you get my drift.

Toners said...

That's well crazy mate.