Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Managing Money

Ok so I official suck at this and have spent the morning shouting at some asshole from my bank. Last month I was 81 pence overdrawn due to a direct debit. I noticed this one night when I was checking my account. So I rang up Abbey and they told me not to worry, I wouldn't be charged blah blah blah. Got my statement in today I have been charged £37 quid. NOT A HAPPY BUNNY!

I once temp'd for RBS and at the time my job was to send a templated letter back to customers complaining about overdraft fines. There was a few different steps to try and get the customer to basically fuck off.

1.If this was the customers first complaint, they got an immediate rejection unless there was an accompanying letter requesting the bank to attend a case brought forward by the ombudsman. In this case if the sum was less than a thousand the bank paid as it was cheaper than going to court.

2. Second complaint letter was also rejected. We had a second reject correspondence letter.(You can see how much fun this job was)

3. Third letter same process

4. Fourth letter they gave you the amount of the fine back.

I dont mind the fine that much, its the fact that a member of there staff told me I wouldnt be fined. I actually asked her should I go down and deposit a pound into my account so I wouldnt pay a fine and she told me there was no need. If I had done that my fine would have been £25 quid less. IM IN A MOOD!!!!!!!!!!


Toners said...

That's bleeding ridiculous. Btw, I got a great app for the iPod: iXpenseIt. Helps you to keep a track of where you're spending cash. Has worked quite well for me.

PaddyInEngland said...

@Toners - Your some man, I ask you for some advise on money and you tell me to spend more!

Simon said...

That's a fucking joke. I think my overdraft fees are fairly small but maybe I should be keeping an eye on it. I'm constantly in overdraft. I don't remember the last time I was in the black.

Quickroute said...

there are template letters you can google to challenge the UK banks on their F'n ludicrous charges - they pay up 90% of the time before it goes to small claims court but only about 10% of people ever bother

PaddyInEngland said...

@Quickroute - Yeah i know its an absolute joke. This is the first time its ever happened to me. My housemate is claiming for the last 3 years he went over every month so he's claiming back £1800.

English Mum said...

Abbey did that to me too. I closed my account when I moved here ... the lady made me write out a letter and send it in, etc, but then after I closed it, they took out some interest, then charged me on the overdraft! Tossers.