Thursday, 5 February 2009

A bit of good news

Just before Xmas I was told my contract would not be extended for another year as originally planned but for 3 months. There would be a review in March to see if I could then have another 3 months. In January it was announced that six staff from our team of 32 would be losing there jobs. I dont count in this number, I am actually number 33 but my wages are paid out of some other budget. I dont really understand it so I wont go into it. Im basically the foosball table they have in the corner that costs alot of money. Anyway, I have been told my job is now safe until July 7th when it will go under another review, so Im off to get drunk, toodles!


Toners said...

Excellent mate. Congrats.

Quickroute said...

may you continue to dodge the bullet - better buy a flack jacket hust in case though!